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KAGR is the online learning platform that will help you master the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career in finance, with the guidance of industry experts and the support of a like-minded community.


Gaurav Mandlecha

AI for Finance Program

– By Gaurav Mandlecha
  Content : Recorded
  Duration : 8 hours
  Price : ₹3,999

Chinmay Amte

Mastering Advanced Excel

– By Chinmaya Amte
  Content : Recorded
  Duration : 12 hours
  Price : ₹999

Chinmay Amte

Basics of MS Excel

– By Chinmaya Amte
  Content : Recorded
  Duration : 9 hours
  Price : ₹499

How KAGR Helps You?

Learn from the best in the field

Learn from the best in the field, as we onboard industry experts in finance who have years of experience and knowledge. Our experts will guide you through the latest trends and practices in finance, and share their insights and tips on how to succeed in the industry.

Master practical skills and knowledge

Gain practical skills and knowledge that you can apply in real-world scenarios, as we provide you with extensive and hands-on training in finance. Our training modules cover various topics and domains in finance, such as accounting, taxation, financial modeling, valuation, investment banking, and more. You will also work on projects and assignments that will challenge you and enhance your learning outcomes.

Networking opportunity with peers & professionals

Connect and collaborate with other learners and professionals who share your passion and interest in finance, as we foster a supportive and interactive learning environment. You will be part of a batch of learners who will learn together and help each other throughout the course. You will also have access to the KAGR community, where you can network with alumni, mentors, and industry partners, and explore new opportunities and possibilities in finance.

Boost your career prospects and opportunities in finance

Boost your career prospects and opportunities in finance, as we help you get promotion & job/getting placed in companies. Our course will equip you with the skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the finance industry, and make you stand out from the crowd. We will also assist you with resume building, interview preparation, and career guidance, and connect you with our network of employers and recruiters who are looking for talented and qualified candidates like you.

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