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Kick-starter Program

Master the art of negotiation, personal branding & become placement ready for your dream job. Learn from leading academicians & industry experts

February 5 to 14, 2024

8 to 11 PM | Online

Price : ₹2,999 + GST

  • Are you a Qualified Chartered Accountant looking for a placement or planning to switch jobs?
  • Are you an MBA Aspirant preparing for Interviews and Group discussions?
  • Are you a Final Year College Student and seeking guidance on how to prepare for placements?
  • Do you want to get personalized feedback from industry experts who have been there and done that?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Career Kick-starter Program is the perfect program for you.

Career Kick-starter Program is a 10 day online program that will make you excel in Group discussions, Personal Interviews, Resume Building and in augmenting your Personal Branding on LinkedIn.

Career Kick-starter Program is a 10 day online program that will help you excel in soft skills. You will learn:
  • How to participate and excel in group discussions, which are often used as a screening tool for jobs
  • How to prepare and perform well in mock interviews, which will simulate the real interview experience and give you live feedback
  • How to craft a professional and attractive resume that will highlight your skills, achievements & academic journey
  • How to build a personal brand on LinkedIn, which will help you network and showcase your expertise

By the end of this course you will have a strong resume structure with all the relevant soft skills for your dream Institution!

But that’s not all. You will also get:

1-1 personalised resume review sessions

Chance to engage and ask questions to the trainer during Live sessions

1-1 personalised mentoring sessions for all candidates

Access to a network of like-minded peers and alumni

Lifetime access to the course material and updates

Course Curriculum

Day 1: Introduction to Group Discussion basics- In this session, we shall cover

  • What is a Group Discussion 
  • What is the relevance of a Group Discussion in your candidature
  • How to prepare for Group Discussions
  • How to tackle Group Discussions
Day 2: Advanced Group Discussion
  • What are the various types of Group Discussions
  • How to structure your thoughts
  • How to deliver & perform in a Group Discussion 
Day 3: How to excel in any Group Discussion
  • Mock Rounds & Live Feedback on various topics and categories of GDs
  • Learning to lead or follow like a champion in a GD 
  • Giving feedback to your peers
Day 4: Basics of Personal Interview
  • Basics of PI- dress code, verbiage, body language, tonality 
  • Understanding various kinds of PI rounds- Technical, Stress, Behavioural & HR rounds
  • Learn to structure your thoughts  
  • Building your own personal wireframe 
Day 5: Advanced Personal Interview Preparation
  • Getting into the depths of Finance Interviews
  • Getting into the depths of Operations & Management Trainee (MT) Interviews
  • Interview the interviewer- Trainer led module on how to structure & deliver in any Finance, Ops & MT Interviews
Day 6: Advance Personal Interview Preparation
  • Learn to master the art of “talk to influence”
  • Learn how to tackle Case based interviews
  • Understanding & mastering PE, VC, IB and Corporate Banking Interviews 
Day 7: How to excel in any Personal Interview
  • The art of salary negotiation 
  • Learn how to close the deal 
  • Mock Rounds & Live Feedback 
  • Sample round- Kushal interviewing Manuraaj and/ or Manuraaj interviewing Kushal Live
Day 8: Resume Basics
  • Resume Do’s & Don’ts 
  • How to structure & format your resume 
  • How to draft your cold email/ LinkedIn message and present your resume in a powerful & influential manner
Day 9: Resume Advanced
  • Learn how to tailor your resume to the specifications of the industry & job
  • Learn how to showcase your achievements
  • Learn the marquee secrets of a winning resume  
Day 10: How to build & sustain your personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Learn to Growth Hack your personal Brand on Linkedin
  • Learn about industry leading tools used by influencers & how to use them to your advantage 
  • Master the art of drafting your LinkedIn posts
  • Learn how to search and apply for jobs best suited for you via Linkedin 
After completing this course,
You will have:
  • A first hand experience on excelling in any Group Discussion & Interview

  • Eye catching resume to get shortlists easily

  • A network of like-minded peers and alumni who will support you and help you grow

  • Learning on how to leverage LinkedIn for growth opportunities and building your network

  • A certificate of completion from KAGR, a reputed name in the education space

About the Mentors
Meet your Mentor!

Manuraaj Garg

  • Manuraaj is a former banker with expertise in the Corporate clients deal structuring space
  • In his most recent stint, he was with the Strategy, Planning & Chief Operating Office at Wells Fargo
  • Manuraaj is an alumnus of the Indian School of Business (ISB), and has also attended The Summer School Program at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Kushal Lodha

Kushal Lodha

  • Kushal is a qualified Chartered Accountant with an AIR 5 in CA Finals, AIR 5 in CA Inter and AIR 6 in CA Entrance exam
  • He has also cleared all levels of CFA and ACCA, achieving a World Rank 3 in ACCA
  • He is the founder of KAGR, and the author of ‘Unlocking Unicorn Secrets’ and ‘Acing CA’
  • He is also a part-time creator with over 500k+ followers on social media cumulatively
  • He was awarded LinkedIn’s Top Voice for 2022. He has worked in Aditya Birla Group for 2 years.
Student Testimonials
What our CAP students' say:
Get Certified
Yes! You will be certified for this workshop on submission of your assignment.

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Receive an instructor signed certificate with institution’s logo to verify your achievements and increase your job prospects.

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A:  Anyone who wants to upskills themselves on their softer skills, negotiation, resume & augment their personal brand.

A: Recorded sessions can be accessed through the participant’s account on our website. Simply log in, go to ‘My Purchases,’ click on ‘View’ for the relevant module, and enjoy the recording.

A: Yes, you will have the chance to revisit the website any time to revise the concepts.

A: Yes, you will have the chance to talk to trainer directly during the session.

A: Yes, The course is relevant for every undergrad to excel in different competitions, placements during your college and post-college journey.

A: Yes, there will be mock Interviews and group discussions.